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QIK Wizard: add dependency files

When you create a new Assembly that needs a dependency file to run you will need to add this file to the Integration Pack when building. In my case I wanted to execute some PowerShell commands from a file.

I installed PowerShell v2.0 so your command would be

powershell -file .<myscript.ps1> <func1> <arg0>

but this doesn’t work from an Integration Pack since it will look for the file in C:WindowsSystem32

The Integration Pack copies dependency files to

C:Program FilesCommon FilesOpalis SoftwareOpalis Integration ServerExtensionsSupportbin

and this folder is part of the Environment Variable PATH

So changing your command to this solves that problem and the Integration Pack executes the commands from the PowerShell file

powershell.exe <myscript.ps1> <func1> <arg0>

It’s off course better to use a custom dll-file but I don’t have any experience with C# so that’s for later.

I’ll post my own custom Integration Pack later this week!

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